15 August 2018 | Money
Millions of Brits may be heading towards disaster, as many admitted that they would not be able to handle any type of financial shock or loss of income. This kind of pressure could be affecting current mental health, as well as possible futures. Read more...
15 August 2018 | Savings
The latest figures reveal that the number of savings rate rises fell by 36% in July, just before the Bank of England announced its base rate rise. This means that, with CPI at 2.5%, savers have even less hope of beating inflation. Read more...
14 August 2018 | Mortgages
The number of Brits planning to move home in the next six months fell from 8% to 6% in the 48 hours that followed this month’s Bank of England base rate rise, suggesting many are reconsidering moving in an increasing mortgage rate environment. Read more...