18/03/2019 | ISAs
Download your FREE Guide to ISA allowances for the 2018-19 tax year. Find out everything you need to know about saving or investing into an ISA.
14/03/2019 | Savings
Find out where your bank or building society is licenced, and what deposit protection guarantees you’ll get if they go bust (includes UK Crown dependencies).
12/03/2019 | Mortgages
A self-build mortgage is a mortgage that is specifically designed for those looking to build their own home.
12/03/2019 | Mortgages
If you have been with the same mortgage lender for many years you could be missing out on thousands of pounds of savings by not switching your mortgage to a new lender. There are occasions when sticking with your current lender is the best option.
07/03/2019 | ISAs
Since the introduction of the lifetime ISA (LISA) in April 2017, those who are eligible have two options to save for their first home deposit with the help of a Government bonus and without paying tax – the Help to Buy ISA and the LISA.
07/03/2019 | ISAs
ISAs have been a stalwart of the savings market for years, and now there's a new kid on the block - the Lifetime ISA. It came into being at the start of the 2017/18 tax year (6 April 2017), and adds another string to the tax-free savings bow.
01/03/2019 | Investments
Are investors right to be wary of the continued rise of the robo-adviser apps? Are they the answer to easy, profitable management of your stocks and shares portfolio or simply a short route to your mobile going all Skynet or Hal 9000 on you?
20/02/2019 | Mortgages
An independent mortgage broker can really help you find the best deal. They do a whole lot more than simply find the cheapest mortgage.
13/02/2019 | ISAs
In this guide, we look back at the rates paid in the fixed rate ISA market since 2016, discuss some of the key changes in the market that have impacted rates and give an overview of why fixed rate cash ISA and fixed rate bond rates are different.
04/02/2019 | Mortgages
Fixed rate mortgages have the benefit of allowing borrowers to know exactly how much their repayments will be for the initial term chosen. The question is, how long do you want to fix your mortgage for?