20/09/2017 | Savings
Premium bonds are a savings vehicle provided by National Savings and Investments (NS&I). They don’t earn interest like other savings accounts but are instead entered into a monthly prize draw.
13/09/2017 | Savings
Find out where your bank or building society is licenced, and what deposit protection guarantees you’ll get if they go bust (includes UK Crown dependencies).
06/09/2017 | Mortgages
Tracker mortgages are a type of variable rate mortgage. They’re different because they follow (or track) another rate, usually the Bank of England Base Rate.
30/08/2017 | Students
It’s not all caps and gowns and bicycles with textbooks underarm, nor (unfortunately) is it an episode of Hollyoaks! The reality of university life sits somewhere in the middle: hard work yes, but also a fun time...
30/08/2017 | Students
These are loans specifically designed for graduates. You will normally have to hold a current account with the same provider to qualify for a graduate loan. Banks often offer preferential loan rates for graduates.
30/08/2017 | Students
The cost of starting a further education course can become a nightmare. However, if approached in the right manner, your student debt can become easy to manage.
30/08/2017 | Insurance
Level term insurance is purchased so that your family or loved ones are given a lump sum when you die.
30/08/2017 | Students
What happens to your finances after graduation? They get better of course! Find out what happens next and how to get debt-free with
30/08/2017 | Students
Find the right graduate loans scheme for you. A graduate student loan could help you get on top of your finances, or help fund your career.
30/08/2017 | Students
Graduate Bank Accounts - If you're looking for a graduate bank account then is the place for you. Find the best graduate bank account deals and the best graduate bank account rates.