21/11/2017 | Mortgages
Baffled by mortgage terminology? Our glossary and jargon buster explains commonly used terms in the home buying and remortgaging process.
15/11/2017 | Savings
If you are a UK Taxpayer, you have to pay Income Tax on most types of savings accounts (Cash ISAs being the main exception).
06/11/2017 | Insurance
Whole life insurance is designed to provide cover for an individual's life, and pay out a lump sum when you die.
06/11/2017 | Insurance
Unsure of a term or abbreviation? Need a quick guide? our glossary is a comprehensive guide explaining all the insurance terms you will need...
06/11/2017 | Banking
Debit cards and cash cards are a convenient way to get at your money. But there are differences between different debit cards as well – we explain all…
06/11/2017 | Mortgages
Capped mortgages are actually a type of variable rate, but with the difference that they have an interest rate cap, beyond which your payments can’t rise.
06/11/2017 | Insurance
Before a mortgage is granted, your lender will require you to carry out a survey of the building to allow for accurate and adequate insurance cover. Compare the market for buildings insurance quotes.
06/11/2017 | Insurance
Increasing Term Life Insurance is, as you might expect, the opposite of Decreasing Term: the value increases over the life of the policy.
06/11/2017 | Investments
A unit trust is a portfolio of investments that spread market risks. It allows an investor to reduce their risk exposure by pooling their investment.
06/11/2017 | Savings
With a notice savings account you have to give notice to the bank or building society before taking out money. If you do not you could be penalised and lose interest on your savings.