09/11/2018 | Credit cards
Find out who provides your credit card. Most branded cards are issued by another provider – this could cause issues if you want to transfer a balance later.
09/11/2018 | Buy To Let
Buy-to-let is enjoying a bit of renaissance: more mortgages available, higher rental yields and high demand. But have you considered the investment risks?
09/11/2018 | Buy To Let
Whether you let a single flat or 100 properties, find out the tax on buy-to-let property and income that you might have to pay, as well as how to reduce your bill.
09/11/2018 | Business
Should you take out a commercial property mortgage, or just rent? We compare the pros and cons to buying or renting your business premises.
09/11/2018 | Loans
As with any type of borrowing there are some basics to consider to make sure you take out the right unsecured personal loan.
09/11/2018 | Mortgages
The Government’s Help to Buy Scheme was first launched in April 2013. It aims to help borrowers secure a 95% loan-to-value (LTV) mortgage on a new-build property.
22/10/2018 | Savings
Find out where your bank or building society is licenced, and what deposit protection guarantees you’ll get if they go bust (includes UK Crown dependencies).
15/10/2018 | Mortgages
It’s well documented that savings held in a UK bank or building society account are covered up to £85,000 by the FSCS, but what about savings offset against your mortgage?
08/10/2018 | Banking
A large number of current account customers avoid switching accounts due to worries that it could take too long or be "too much of a hassle".
08/10/2018 | Retirement
A personal pension is a tax-efficient savings plan that enables you to save for retirement.