15/02/2018 | Savings
Fixed rate bonds are still the best way to secure a guaranteed return on your savings, but given ongoing economic uncertainty, you may be reluctant to tie up your money for too long. A two-year deal could be the perfect compromise.
15/02/2018 | Mortgages
With November’s base rate increase seeing most lenders raise rates by 0.25% or more, borrowers’ motivation to remortgage to a more secure deal has reached its highest level since the financial crisis, LMS’ Remortgage Report reveals.
15/02/2018 | Money
Have you ever wondered what the teenager in your life is spending their weekly allowance on? Well, the ONS has the answer, with newly released spending data granting us a peek into the spending habits of the UK’s seven to 15-year-olds.
15/02/2018 | Economy
The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) today announced that it will be keeping base rate at 0.5% for another month at least.
15/02/2018 | Buy To Let
With all the regulatory changes that have been affecting the BTL market of late, you might think that rates have just been going up, but Mortgages for Business found that lenders have been taking a lot of the heat to try and remain competitive.
14/02/2018 | Mortgages
As mortgage rates had already started to rise before the base rate increase was announced last November, you might think they’d still be climbing now, especially given ongoing speculation about further base rate rises.
14/02/2018 | Money
While today is all about romance, research from Scottish Widows suggests that trouble may be brewing for one in five Brits, as they admit to being in a financially incompatible relationship. How financially compatible are you and your partner?
13/02/2018 | Pensions
The one millionth UK employer has now enrolled their staff into a workplace pension thanks to automatic enrolment. This means that over 9m employees are now saving for their retirement with the help of their employers.
13/02/2018 | Savings
Clydesdale Bank has given its savers a boost with news that it is to increase rates on selected fixed term accounts and its Children’s Bond.
13/02/2018 | Loans
Personal loans have become increasingly competitive over the last few years, but it now appears that some providers can no longer sustain such low prices, so unfortunately for borrowers, rates are once again on the rise.