22/11/2017 | Economy
Chancellor Philip Hammond unveiled the first Autumn Budget earlier today (22 November), the highlight being that stamp duty has been largely abolished for first-time buyers, a move that could benefit up to 95% of new buyers.
22/11/2017 | Equity Release
Until recently, equity release had been confined to the ‘specialist’ bracket, with high street lenders giving the sector a wide berth. However, its popularity has been soaring, and the big names want to get in on the action!
22/11/2017 | Gas and electricity
Winter is rapidly approaching, which means the boiler will soon be going into overdrive to beat the chill – yet unfortunately, it’ll cost more than ever to heat your home, with energy prices now the highest on record.
22/11/2017 | Loans
The base rate has been predicted to fall significantly this year, which could lead to cheaper interest on secured loans.
22/11/2017 | Loans
Payday loans have seen their fair share of bad press over the last few years, so today (11 November) the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) confirmed its plans for a payday price cap that will come into force in January 2015.
22/11/2017 | Savings
There may have been some slight signs of life in the savings market of late, but this hasn’t extended to the variable sector to any degree – and now NS&I has announced it's slashing interest rates from 1 May. Is it time to switch?
21/11/2017 | Savings
Fixed rate bonds typically garner the greatest attention from savers, yet demand for such accounts saw a sharp fall ahead of the base rate announcement – despite the fact that average fixed rates rose for a further month.
21/11/2017 | Credit cards
The cost of Christmas is on the rise, and with less than five weeks to go, consumers are likely to be concerned about how much the festive season will dent their bank balance - and they may not even be able to rely on a credit card to cover the cost.
21/11/2017 | Mortgages
The Bank of Mum and Dad has long been drawn upon when the time comes to buy that all-important first home, but it looks as though it may be starting to wind down, with 34% of people saying they have not and do not intend to offer financial support.
21/11/2017 | Savings
Birmingham Midshires has launched a two year fixed rate ISA that should appeal to savers who prefer to transact online...