25/05/2018 | Money
As children grow, they are gradually taught the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive as adults. Unfortunately, eight to 15-year-olds don’t seem to hold very realistic ideas of how much things cost, with a pint of milk estimated at £17.
25/05/2018 | Money
Bank holidays offer a great opportunity not just to unwind, but also to tackle some essential household tasks. While many may be attempting some DIY or decluttering in the next few days, you shouldn’t forget about your finances.
24/05/2018 | Savings
New research suggests that savers are starting to prioritise experiences over material goods, with 74% focused on setting money aside to be able to make memories. Many believe their homes are already too full of physical products to need any more.
24/05/2018 | Savings
With inflation down again in April, it's finally possible to bring back this old favourite top six, as there are now even some four-year fixed bonds that can beat the inflation rate of 2.4%.
23/05/2018 | Savings
For the second month in a row, inflation has seen a fall, this time from 2.5% in March to 2.4% in April. This means that even more savings accounts can now once again beat inflation, especially if you take a look at the long-term fixed bonds.
23/05/2018 | Equity Release
Brits aged over 65 are expected to amass a record total of £86 billion in debt by the end of this year, new research has revealed. This marks an increase of £8 billion from last year’s £78 billion total.
22/05/2018 | Money
It’s almost the start of a new tax year, so read on for an overview of all tax allowances, brackets and thresholds for 2017/18, together with key payment dates and tax return deadlines, with the help of the Moneyfacts Tax Tables.
22/05/2018 | Credit cards
Falling into debt is never a fun experience, but it can only get worse if you try to ignore it or refuse to seek help. Despite the benefits, however, 52% of Brits feel there is a stigma attached to asking their credit card provider for help.
21/05/2018 | Banking
With increasingly regular reports of bank branches closing, it may seem like customers are being left in the lurch. However, around 60% of current account holders are forecast to be using mobile banking, which means branches may be less crucial.
21/05/2018 | Mortgages
When looking for the right mortgage deal, there are many things to consider. One thing that can really make a product stand out from the crowd is free cash – and our latest data shows that more providers are now offering cashback than last year.