20/07/2017 | Banking
At one time, savings accounts were the only sensible place to put your hard-earned cash, but thanks to rising inflation, it's becoming increasingly difficult to secure a meaningful return.
20/07/2017 | Pensions
The Government announced yesterday that the planned increase to the state pension age will be brought forward by seven years, which has the potential to scupper the retirement plans of millions of workers. Will you be impacted?
20/07/2017 | Savings
Fixed rate bonds are one of the best ways to secure a decent return from your cash, but the thought of locking your money away for years on end can understandably be daunting. So why not compromise – what about a three-year bond?
20/07/2017 | Credit cards
There’s nothing better than getting something for nothing, and cashback credit cards can offer just that! They can be the perfect way to earn cash rewards on everything you buy, so here we outline the top six available.
20/07/2017 | Money
UK parents are set to spend £468 on entertaining the kids this summer, adding up to a whopping £6.2bn. It may sound like a lot, but it’s lower than it has been in years – yet it still highlights the importance of making your holiday money go further.
20/07/2017 | Mortgages
House prices have been rising rapidly over the last few months, and there’s been concern among the industry that things could be getting out of hand.
20/07/2017 | Money
Taxpayers have been told to be vigilant following reports that thieves are making phone calls pretending to be the taxman.
20/07/2017 | Loans
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20/07/2017 | Banking
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has outlined a new set of rules regarding the potential mis-selling of current accounts with benefits, or packaged accounts as they are known.
20/07/2017 | Savings
Northern Rock has bucked the savings trend by keeping the rate on its Fixed Rate ISA unchanged, while most around them are dropping theirs.