17/07/2018 | Business
Compared to a year ago, both the average rates on offer and the top returns found on business savings accounts have improved. This means more choice for businesses looking to make the most of their savings without investing in the stock market.
17/07/2018 | Savings
While many savers may be reluctant to put their savings into a fixed rate account, given ongoing speculation of a base rate rise, they could be missing out on some decent rates. Especially as the average returns are now the best seen since 2016.
16/07/2018 | Savings
The average no notice rate now sits at its highest point since August 2016, following two consecutive months of rate rises. So, those looking to keep their savings pot within reach may be able to find higher rates.
13/07/2018 | Investments
53% of Brits say they would never consider investing in stocks and shares, despite the fact that they could be missing out on better returns. Indeed, with most accounts below the inflation rate of 2.4%, savers may well be losing money in real terms.
12/07/2018 | Mortgages
Given the size and importance of a mortgage, you’d think people would spend considerable time choosing the right one. However, research from Noddle shows that people spend more time searching for a holiday than picking a mortgage.
12/07/2018 | Equity Release
New figures reveal that retired homeowners released an average of £9.5m per day of their equity in the first half of 2018, resulting in a total for the six months of £1.71bn. This is an increase of 37% on the previous year.
12/07/2018 | Banking
Many Brits don’t seem to be comfortable talking about finances with their significant other, as new data shows that 27% of those who are married or in a relationship have no idea who their partner banks, saves or invests with.
11/07/2018 | Savings
Fixed rate bonds can be one of the best ways to secure a decent return from your money, but if you really want to secure those growth-generating rates, you’ll need to think longer term.
11/07/2018 | Money
More employees are currently worried about their finances than their health, with 30% naming finances as their biggest worry compared to 25% who named their physical health. This was closely followed by 24% worrying about their retirement provision.
10/07/2018 | Savings
New research has revealed that, on average, Sharia’a-compliant accounts are beating the rest of the savings market, with 79% offering better returns than non-Islamic accounts.