21/09/2017 | Credit cards
The 0% interest market has been booming in recent years, but the tide could be starting to turn – our research reveals a definite slowdown in the market as 0% interest terms are cut, and at the same time, the average APR has risen to a record high.
21/09/2017 | Buy To Let
Despite the buy-to-let (BTL) tax changes recently, the sector continues to boom, with availability rising and BTL mortgage rates at record lows. It’s little wonder that so many are turning to the market, and it could be down to the pension freedoms.
21/09/2017 | Savings
Lloyds TSB is looking good after increasing the rate on its Monthly Saver account by 3.00%.
21/09/2017 | Savings
Couples continue to stash at least some their cash away from the prying eyes (and maybe begging hands) of their partners, according to a new survey.
20/09/2017 | Savings
It’s a week of good news for savings accounts. Following Monday’s revelation that fixed bond rates are rising, our latest figures reveal that the number of savings accounts has risen to a near five-year high – and it’s all thanks to challenger banks.
20/09/2017 | Banking
The Current Account Switch Service is celebrating its fourth anniversary this week, and competition in the sector has been soaring ever since. Consumers the can now switch account in seven working days or less, and millions have taken the plunge.
20/09/2017 | Pensions
Pension Awareness Day is here, but the question is, do you really know your pension? If not, it’s time to get acquainted, because it could mean the difference between securing the retirement income you want, and suffering from a serious shortfall.
20/09/2017 | Money
They say that money doesn’t buy you happiness, but for some people, that may not be strictly true. In fact, research shows that reaching a certain level of financial stability can make people very happy indeed, with £50,000 being the sweet spot.
20/09/2017 | Money Saving
It can’t be denied that it's tough to get on the housing ladder, which means that many 20 and 30-somethings live at home in order to save some cash. Well, it could pay off, because the typical adult saves £1,000 per month by living with Mum and Dad!
20/09/2017 | Mortgages
Competition is fierce in the mortgage market, leading to a combination of falling rates and an increase in product choice. But, it isn’t only the usual sectors that are seeing this kind of change, as longer-term deals are coming into the foreground.