Our monthly savings investment calculator helps you to see how your regular savings will grow and how compound interest accumulates over time. 

Monthly Plan Savings Calculator

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Why use a monthly savings investment calculator?

Adding money to your savings account on a monthly basis will result in a different level of interest being earnt than if you invested a lump sum. This savings calculator will help you calculate exactly how much your monthly contributions to your savings account will make in interest, and how much your savings pot will be worth after a set amount of time. Ideally, the savings calculator will be used in conjunction with our savings and ISA charts, so you can see the impact that different interest rates will have on your savings (just make sure to check that your preferred account permits regular deposits, as not all do). The calculator is ideal for use by all types of savers, especially long-term savers looking to save enough money for a specific reason – for example a house deposit.

How to use the monthly savings investment calculator

Using our monthly savings calculator is very easy – simply add the amount you plan to invest in the first box and the annual interest rate in the box next to it. In the bottom box, add the length of time you expect this interest rate to last for. Once all the boxes have been filled in, hit the ‘calculate’ button and the amount your investment will be worth at the end of your preferred term will be calculated for you.

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